The vintage dealer

Meet Tessa, the vintage dealer.


I first met her on a shoot about 5 years ago, taking her portraits for a talent agency. She was wearing some amazing pieces from the 70’s. I knew I wanted to shoot a personal project with her some day but I had no idea I’ll have to wait for years.


Here’s her story: Tessa is a vintage fashion dealer, collector and stylist. According to her words, she would sell her soul for a 1920’s handbag or a touch of bakelite.


She’s the owner of @catchathief and @tessarickardnutritionist , also involved in @hitchcockvintage and @thevintageemporium .


Two Sombreros

Meet the two amigos, Ury and Carlos.


Ury is a musician in a mariachi band, a celebrant and an actor.


Carlos is the local Santana.


I met Ury through a friend, I heard about his band and his collection of sombreros so I thought this could be a great little personal project.

I shot these 2 legends in Ury's living room with 2 lights in 2 hours and 2 minutes. Pure coincidence. 


The Alpaca farmer

Meet Siân, she runs the Omaru Alpaca farm in Cottles Bridge, together with her husband Rob.


Unforgettable shoot day. First, I was smart enough to wear my white sneakers to a muddy farm, then I got some wet grass spat in my face by this sneaky alpaca that was trying to kiss me (and I totally went for it, which is really weird), but then I got attacked by some very angry birds in the middle of a field with no place to hide, and for the first time in my life I saw a manure vacuum called "the poovac" . Most importantly though, I met these amazing people.


Overall, one of my best shoots ever. I took these portraits of Siân in an hour, while she was overseeing her vet students doing halter training in the background. She also had time to make me a hot chocolate. Make sure you visit the farm on one of their open days, it is truly a magical place.