The Glassblower


The glassblower

Meet Leisa Wharington,

the amazing glassblower from Hastings. I met Leisa through a friend when I was shooting the Vintage Dealer series. She was kind enough to let us use her beautiful house as a locationthat time. We started talking after the shoot and an amazing story of her career just unfolded in minutes and all I could think of was how to get her in front of my camera. I couldn't wait to see her studio, to feel the heat, smell the tools, being there in the moment when she is creating her beautiful glassware and pendants.


Seeing her being this passionate about the craft after nearly thirty years of being a glassblower was very inspirational. Such a simple thing, passion, and it packs so much energy. Needless to say, I had the best time at her studio in Hastings. I shoot both stillsand motion for this project and I walked out with the biggest smile on my face. 

Side notes: I'm still horrible with picking my own outfit for my shoots. Who would have thought it will get hot inside a glassblower’s studio on a hot summer day in Australia.

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